My research interests broadly span financial accounting and auditing topics. The specific areas I have explored in my research include the real effects of financial reporting, the real effects of capital market information frictions, as well as financing and debt contracting dynamics. You can find my publications and working papers below.


[1] Chy, Mahfuz, and Hoyoun Kyung. 2022. “The Effect of Bond Market Transparency on Bank Loan Contracting

[2] Chy, Mahfuz, Gus De Franco, and Barbara Su. 2021. "The Effect of Auditor Litigation Risk on Clients’ Access to Bank Debt: Evidence from a Quasi-experiment"

[3] Chy, Mahfuz, and Ole-Kristian Hope. 2021. "Real Effects of Auditor Conservatism"

Working Papers

[4] Chy, Mahfuz. 2023. “Price and Payout”

[5] Chy, Mahfuz, Inder Khurana, and Hoyoun Kyung. 2022. “Relevance of the SEC’s Regulatory Oversight in Private Debt Contracting” 

[6] Chy, Mahfuz, and Jeffrey Callen. 2022. “The Agency Costs of Investment Opportunities and Debt Contracting: Evidence from Exogenous Shocks to Government Spending”